General Information

Current Insurance Information

not needed but helpful if you're willing to share
To place coverage we will need a hard copy of loss runs from current insured. Fax number: 888-221-0051.

Description of Operations

(EX: 80% New books 10% used Books 5% toys & games 5% journals/ other sidelines.)
If more than 50% of your inventory is used books you will have to submit pictures before we can quote. (You can snap a few with a smart phone and email them to us, or whatever method of obtaining them that is easiest for you.)
If yes we might need to put them on a fine arts schedule. We will need the title of each book and estimated price for all valuable books that will be going on fine arts schedule.
Please enter number if applicable

Building Questions

(frame, brick, concrete, etc.)
(Check all that apply)

Cooking or Café Exposures

Liability Questions

We do not cover manufacturing of products.
(Percentage of inventory and amount if factors into the sales break down.)

Workers Compensation

Please list the owners and percentage of ownership, that want to be excluded from the policy

If you do not know we will quote the standard limits for your state.