Created by the American Booksellers Association (ABA), the League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services (LIBRIS) has been working with independent bookstores since 1997. Working directly with business owners and local agents around the country, LIBRIS also provides coverage for other specialty retailers and publishers.


  • New store benefit. LIBRIS gives credit for previous bookstore experience or retail management experience for new bookstore owners.
  • Coverage for visiting authors. Unlike most insurance programs, LIBRIS covers visiting authors as additional insureds.
  • Website/computer coverage. LIBRIS offers $50,000 in website coverage and $5,000 for computer fraud at no additional cost.
  • Seasonal increase in merchandise is covered. LIBRIS accounts for increased inventory at no additional charge.
  • Used book benefit. LIBRIS values used book inventory at the cost to replace with like kind and quality, and does not depreciate used books after a loss.
  • Special event coverage. LIBRIS understands that bookstore events are a common activity and coverage needs to be built into the policy.
  • Off-premises coverage for exhibitions and conferences. LIBRIS includes coverage for inventory and property used for off-site events, an important part of your business.


  • Low rates — Our premiums are stable and affordable
  • Exceptional service — Our knowledgeable insurance professionals understand the bookselling industry
  • Peace of mind — Our insurance is backed by Great American Insurance Group, an “A” rated insurance company by A.M. Best Company
  • Fast claims — Our expert team efficiently handles all claims from start to finish
  • Dividends — Policyholders are eligible to receive dividends when the program earns underwriting profits

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